Bookshelf Organization: How to Sort Through Your Books and Organize in a Way That Makes Sense to You

After 22 years of being a book lover and borderline book hoarder, my bookshelves needed some TLC. After donating roughly 70 books and putting a few into storage, the ones that remain on my shelf hold greater value and are organized in a way that brings visual interest to the room they are in. Here’s what my process looked like. Step 1: Sorting Your Books Starting with one shelf, grab those books and sort into three piles: keep, keep for kids one day, and give away. Which books should I keep? If you instantly know you want to keep a Read More

Hello World (An Introduction)

As I begin to actually build out this website, I thought it would be helpful to write a short introductory blurb, both for potential readers and for myself to get my thoughts sorted out. This website is mostly personal, a way for me to track what I’ve accomplished and what my goals for the future are. I am really hoping to embrace the concept of growth driven design: starting simple and going from there to build a more and more complex project. I hope that over the next months and years, this website will evolve into something that I am Read More