2021 is Here

Happy 2021!

While 2020 was an awful year for obvious reasons, I am lucky enough to have been able to call last year a great one. It was our first full year in our house. I got to spend every day working from home with my partner, cat, and tortoise. We spent the winter ice skating, the spring riding bikes, the summer floating, the fall staring into the bonfire’s light, and now we’re back to a cozy winter. Through it all, I’ve been able to stay connected to the people I care about most.

Next year will be a big one. I’ll be getting married, as will three of my friends. The vaccine will be rolling out. Who knows what the world and our lives will look like in a year?

Going into the new year, I have a few aspirations. While I don’t really buy into New Year’s Resolutions, I do appreciate the stark new beginning and it’s push to evaluate your life and adjust course if needed.

I want to continue to put effort into the relationships that matter the most to me. I want to be a good friend and partner. I also wish to start new friendships, and put myself in positions to do so by joining more community organizations.

Yoga is something that I love to do but I tend to have a hard time sticking with long term. I hope to find a schedule that allows me to consistently practice. (Since December I have been doing yoga most days. Let’s keep it up!)

I would like to find a place to volunteer that feels meaningful. I wish to make a difference, a quality that my full-time job lacks. Perhaps something related to children and/or education.

As for hobbies, I wish to find more time for practicing German and drawing. I’ve downloaded a German flash card app to enable some bite-sized learning throughout the day. As for drawing, I plan on continuing to make custom birthday cards for friends and family.

A new skill I would like to pick up is sewing. It is both useful and creative and seems like something I would enjoy. Plus, my mom is very good at sewing so hopefully she’ll be willing to give me some lessons.

The past four or five months I’ve given each month a theme or focus, some examples being writing, stretching, and hydration. I plan to continue this practice as I feel it really helps to form new habits and allows me to focus on one area of my life where I feel I’ve either gotten off track or just want to put in some extra focus.

This has been pretty rambly, but hey – it’s my blog, I can do what I want. 🙂

Here’s to the new year!