Key Takeaways from The Righteous Mind

Intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second Intuitions = elephant, reasoning = rider. There’s more to morality than harm and fairness Morality is not universal – WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, Democratic) people are outliers The foundations of morality are: Care/harm Left cares about those who cannot help themselves. Right cares about those who have sacrificed for the group (veterans) Fairness/cheating Equality (left) or proportionality (right) Liberty/oppression Loyalty/betrayal Authority/subversion Sanctity/degradation The left relies on Care and Fairness. The right relies on all six. Republicans speak more to the elephant Morality binds and blinds Evolution happens on the individual level, but perhaps Read More

Making My Yoga Habit Stick

I’ve dabbled with yoga for the past five or so years, but have never been able to stick with a consistent practice. After once-a-week classes for a few months, or daily home practice for a week or two, something would happen and I would drop off and not get on the mat again for months at a time. Until now. Going into the new year, I knew that Yoga With Adriene would hold her yearly month-long yoga journey. I was excited to have that be my focus for January. Every day in January, I did yoga between the end of Read More

2021 is Here

Happy 2021! While 2020 was an awful year for obvious reasons, I am lucky enough to have been able to call last year a great one. It was our first full year in our house. I got to spend every day working from home with my partner, cat, and tortoise. We spent the winter ice skating, the spring riding bikes, the summer floating, the fall staring into the bonfire’s light, and now we’re back to a cozy winter. Through it all, I’ve been able to stay connected to the people I care about most. Next year will be a big Read More

The Diary of a Young Girl and other WWII Lit Recommendations

The Diary of a Young Girl I’ve been more affected than I thought I would be by this book. Of course I had heard about The Diary of Anne Frank and knew the basic story – a Jewish girl in hiding during the second world war. But I never imagined the depth of this diary, and how heartbreaking it would be to read. During the war, the Dutch government called for citizens to preserve their documents, and diaries were specifically mentioned. Up to this point Anne had already been keeping a diary, and she took this declaration to heart and Read More

Angel Hair Pasta: An Ode to my Grandma

Growing up, I was a picky eater. Anything with more than three components (tacos, chili, pizza with non-cheese toppings) was out. It was “no thanks” to most condiments and sauces. For the most part I existed off of sweet, delicious carbs – bread, rice, and most of all, pasta. A real treat came when our family would visit my grandma and grandpa at their cottage up north, or their snowbird lodging down in Florida. My grandma, too, was a lover of pasta, in particular the angel hair variety. At home we always stuck with normal spaghetti, so this thin, dainty Read More

Cottage Nostalgia: This One Summer

Did your family have a cottage growing up? Did you go there during the summer to swim and play on the beach with your “cottage friend”? Did you and that friend grow up together, feeling out how you still fit together for that one week each year as you both grew and changed? Well then oh boy, get ready for the nostalgia. This One Summer follows Rose, a young teenager who is off to her family cottage for the summer. The cast of characters also includes Windy, Rose’s “cottage friend”, Rose’s parents, who are going through some tough adult stuff, Read More

Discovering Humanity’s Biology and History through Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

A book that has come highly recommended the last few years is Sapens: A Brief History of Humankind, written by Yuval Noah Harari. After reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, which turned out to be the perfect precursor to Sapiens, I finally picked it up and began the journey from humanity’s biology to its history and beyond. Most intriguing was the beginning of the book and the beginning of our species’ history, which was not “history” at all but biology. In the beginning we were just another animal, living our lives in our small corner of the Read More

Mammoth Cave Dispersed (Primitive) Camping – White Oak Campsite

In mid-May, my boyfriend Will and I adventured to Mammoth Cave National Park for a weekend, hiked the White Oak trail, and camped overnight. The hike and campsite weren’t exactly what we were hoping for, but all in all we had a nice time. I wish we had gathered more information about the campsite beforehand instead of blindly choosing it, so hopefully our experience can provide some insight for others in the future. The White Oak Trail After getting your backcountry permit from the Mammoth Cave Visitor Center, you’ll take 15-20 minute drive to the White Oak trailhead. The route Read More

Tips For Success Working From Home

Since May of 2018, I’ve been working from home as a web designer and front-end web developer, continuing in a role that I previously held on location in the company office. The transition from working in an office with my coworkers to working remotely was surprisingly smooth, and I’ve continued to make adjustments over the past year to enhance the experience. If you’re in the beginning stages of a transition to remote work, I hope these tips can help bring you success in your new working environment. 1. Have a dedicated workspace Having a space dedicated to your job will Read More

Leg Hair and Loving Myself

For several months in 2018 and into 2019, I did not shave my legs or armpits, allowing my body hair to grow to its natural length. When I walked down the hallway in shorts, I could feel the breeze rustling through my leg hair. I loved it. In the privacy of my own mind, I adored my hairy body. I reveled in living in my body as it naturally occurred, and I appreciated my body in a way that I never had before. However, outside of my mind, at times even as close as within my own home, I felt Read More