Angel Hair Pasta: An Ode to my Grandma

Growing up, I was a picky eater. Anything with more than three components (tacos, chili, pizza with non-cheese toppings) was out. It was “no thanks” to most condiments and sauces. For the most part I existed off of sweet, delicious carbs – bread, rice, and most of all, pasta. A real treat came when our family would visit my grandma and grandpa at their cottage up north, or their snowbird lodging down in Florida. My grandma, too, was a lover of pasta, in particular the angel hair variety. At home we always stuck with normal spaghetti, so this thin, dainty Read More

2019 Goals – Skill Building and Getting Involved

Happy last day of 2018! Since it’ll be the new year in just a few hours, I wanted to make a quick list of goals for the coming year. I’m usually not into new year resolutions – if you want to make a change, make it now and don’t wait for next year, next month, or next week. Find an actionable way to work towards that goal, as soon as you can. These goals are mostly ones I am already working towards, and want to continue improving on in the coming year. While some are broad goals, they all have Read More

Hello World (An Introduction)

As I begin to actually build out this website, I thought it would be helpful to write a short introductory blurb, both for potential readers and for myself to get my thoughts sorted out. This website is mostly personal, a way for me to track what I’ve accomplished and what my goals for the future are. I am really hoping to embrace the concept of growth driven design: starting simple and going from there to build a more and more complex project. I hope that over the next months and years, this website will evolve into something that I am Read More