Hello World (An Introduction)

As I begin to actually build out this website, I thought it would be helpful to write a short introductory blurb, both for potential readers and for myself to get my thoughts sorted out.

This website is mostly personal, a way for me to track what I’ve accomplished and what my goals for the future are. I am really hoping to embrace the concept of growth driven design: starting simple and going from there to build a more and more complex project. I hope that over the next months and years, this website will evolve into something that I am proud of, and that I have learned a lot from. But for now, we’re starting off small.

My goals for the next month are going to be to upload all of my projects from work, and maybe even a few projects from school that I am particularly proud of. After that, I hope to start writing more blog posts and developing the website into something more fleshed out.

Until next time, auf Wiedersehen!