You Don’t Have to Be the Best at Something – It’s OK to Just Experiment Have Fun

Recently, my boyfriend and I have been interested in habits – how they work, how to form them, and what habits we want to try building for ourselves.

One story we came across during our research involved Warren Buffet telling another person to make a list of 25 things they wanted to succeed at in their life. Then he had him circle the top five, and told him that the other 20 were things he should never work on under any circumstances; they should be viewed only as distractions from the top five items.

While this does make sense, it assumes that everyone’s goal is to be really, really good at something / a few things. It is a worthy goal. However, it is not the only worthy goal. To experiment, to try new things, and to have fun are also noble objectives.

I’ve never been a terribly competitive person, never wanted to be the star of the show. I never had a solo in choir, never played on the varsity tennis team, never played a leading role in a play, and was never the president of any club. This is not to say I do not have any motivation or perseverance: I was in choirs from 2nd grade to 12th,  played on the JV tennis team for four years, was in a total of 9 theater productions during high school, and was committee leader, treasurer, and vice president of various clubs throughout my school days.

I have never been the best at anything. So do I feel any less fulfilled by how I spent my time? Not at all. Not worrying about being the best allowed me the freedom to dip my toes in many ponds, meet a wider range of people, and grow more as a person.